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I know its been months since the site was update, but later on today there will been a new layout for all sections and some new images! Happy Easter everyone <3


I’m so sorry guys!!! Someone has hacked the site and eleted everything!!!! I will be working on on this now, I’m sorry!!!! :(

Happy 16th Birthday!!!


Can you believe it? Our girl is all grown up! We still remember her as little Lucy by the lamp post! We here at Totally Georgie and our vistors would like to wish Georgie the best birthday ever!

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Major Updates

Hey guys, as you can see Totally Georgie hasn’t been updated for a while :( But no fear, lots of new pictures and exclusive media coming your way so come back later to see all the new goodies :D

The Jameson Empire Awards 2011

On March 27th, Georgie attended The Jameson Empire Awards 2011 in London. Georgie looks really beautiful!! Really love her outfit. Be sure to check out the images, thanks to oTTo and Jens for all the amazing HQs!!

- 086 x The Jameson Empire Awards 2011

Georgie auditioning for The Expatriate

Georgie seems to have been auditioning for a new movie role in the movie The Expatriate.
Summary of the film;

The film, which stars Aaron Eckhart, a former CIA agent who hopes to make a fresh start with his estranged 15-year old daughter, Amy. He takes a job in Belgium as a security expert for a multinational corporation and arrives one day to find the corporation no longer exists, his coworkers are gone, and his assistant is really a trained operative out to kill him and his daughter.

Father and daughter go on the run and must learn to trust each other, something that becomes difficult once she learns the truth about his shadowy past.

Lets hope for the best!

Dawn Treader Tokyo premiere

As I mentioned earlier, the Voage of the Dawn Treader Tokyo premiere in Japan was held on February 13th. Georgie looked very beautiful promoting the film with co-star Ben Barnes. I added 57 images to the gallery, thanks to Jens and oTTo for all the HQs!

- 057 x “Voyage Of The Dawn Treader” Tokyo Premiere

Candids at Narita International Airport

Georgie was spotted at the Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan with co-star Ben Barnes today, February 12. They will be presenting Narnia to fans this coming week.
A couple of images have been added to the gallery, thanks to JustJaredJr., be sure to check them out!

- 002 x At Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan

Comic Relief Photoshoot for Red Nose Day

Georgie did a photoshoot with TK Maxx for the Comic Relief, Red Nose Day that will be held on March 18th.
Georgie looks really great in the image we have and hopefully we’ll get to see more pics!

- 001 x [2011] Comic Relief Photoshoot

There is also a video Behind the Scenes of the photoshoot, Georgie has a brief appearance in it at 0:53.